Welcome to the Lysamena Project on Self-Injury

Christian-based self-injury information and resources

Basic Information Christian Resources

Information about Self-Injury
What it is, and why people do it

Things to Do Instead of Self-Injury
A list of alternatives to hurting yourself

Family and Friends
How you can help someone who self-injures

Ending Self-Injury
How to stop for good

Book Reviews
Reviews of books about self-injury

Other sites to visit

The Gospel
How to become a Christian

Scripture and Self-Injury
What it does and doesn't say

This is a Hard Teaching!
Verses that do not justify self-injury

Atonement for Sin
Why we can't pay for our own sins

What God is Doing in Me
A new, revised Identity in Christ list

Remind yourself of the truth

Other Resources About This Site

Things to distract you from self-harming

When You Feel Lonely
Some resources to help you

How to Cook Without Knives
Tips to make cooking less triggering

Site Information
Miscellaneous info about this site

The sources used to make this site


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Last updated March 4, 2005