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Focus Adolescent Services help for self-injurers
"The Razor's Edge" in Christian Parenting Today
Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia
Self-Injury and Related Issues (SIARI)
Self-Injury, Abuse & Trauma Resource Directory
Real Teen Faith: Q&A about Self-Injury
Psych Central: Self-harm
Rag Doll's Candlelit Tunnel
Adullam Ministries
Battle Cry for a Generation
CounselCare Connection hotlines
Devozine self-injury page
Christian Goth
Fragmented Mind
SASI: Survivors of Abuse and Self-Injury
ZJAM Youth Ministries
Cutting Awareness
Helen's World of BPD Resources
Multiple Treasures
C.A.R.E., Inc.
Support Group for Cutters
Sexual Abuse Services and Support Year-round (S.A.S.S.Y.)
Chimera Corner
The Free Dictionary: Self mutilation
Hope in Sight for Christians with Depression
Secret Scars
Figure Skating and Related Issues
Dancing in the Darkness
Ablaze Youth
Eating Disorders Community (
Finding Voice
LifeCARE Ministries
Intermittent Insanity
Finding the Hope to Heal
Family First
Christians in Recovery
Escaping Hades Search Engine
Allison's World
Borderlines For Christ
Set Free
A Cutter's Diary
Darker Christianity
brett ullman: resources
From the Inside Out
Crimson Ashes

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